The Hale County Board of Education believes that attendance should be the first priority of each and every student.  Students should be at school on time each and every day that school is in session.

    Excuses for absences must be turned in to the student's teacher or principal within three days of the absence for the excuse to be considered.  The principal always has the discretion to accept or deny an excuse.  The policy of the Hale County Board of Education requires that whenever a student has been absent from school ten days in a school year, each absence after that must have a doctor or court excuse to be accepted.

    If you have questions about the Hale County Board of Education Attendance Policy, please see the handbook.


    Each student attending school is expected to follow all rules and procedures established by the Hale County Board of Education and the school the student attends.  Students who violate rules are subject to various types of punishment, depending on the severity and frequency of the violation.  Any parent or guardian who has questions about the type of discipline imposed by the school should seek to first meet with the principal or assistant principal of the school.  Further questions may be brought to the attention of the Director of Student Services.

    Any violation of a school rule or school policy, that is also violation of the law may be reported to law enforcement and/or juvenile probation.  No punishment by the local school shall in any way be exchanged for criminal prosecution.


    The safety of the students and employees of the Hale County Board of Education is of the upmost importance to everyone in our school system. To that end, each school must enforce all rules and policies of the Hale County Board of Education, the Alabama State Department of Education and the Code of Alabama. 

    Each school also has a safety plan to insure that the students, employees and visitors are safe during every conceivable emergency.  These plans are not published for public inspection, but are shared with all local law enforcement, fire departments and other emergency personnel.

    Also each school shall regularly conduct certain drills to continually ensure that the safety plans are followed.  Such drills include:  tornado drills, fire drills, lock-down drills and intruder-in-school drills.  These drills are not announced prior to the drill being conducted.  The Board requests that you, as a parent or guardian, do not check out your child during a drill, unless it is absolutely necessary.  Following every drill, information will be available at the local school or provided by school cast to inform parents/guardians about the type of drill.

    Should any school be locked-down for weather or by law enforcement, no students will be able to check out during the lock-down. Parents/guardians will be informed when and where their child might be picked up.