•  The Technology Department of the Hale County School System has been charged with the responsibility of implementing Alabama’s Impact initiative.  Indicators for Measuring Progress in Advancing Classroom Technology has as its four main goals the following:

    1. All Alabama students, teachers, and administrators will effectively use technology as an integrated tool for teaching, leading, and learning to master local, state, and national standards.
    2. All Alabama students, teachers, and administrators will benefit from a broad range of educational opportunities and resources through the use of technology.
    3. All Alabama teachers and administrators benefit from high-quality, research-based professional development and supports necessary to achieve local, state, and national standards and courses of study.
    4. All Alabama students, teachers, and administrators will have access to the appropriate technology resources and infrastructure necessary to support teaching, leading, and learning.

    The Hale County School System will engage in a continuous planning process that develops action steps and directs resources toward the attainment of those goals.  The Technology Planning Committee will meet annually to develop those action steps, timelines, and budgets and have available to the public the Hale County Technology Plan. 

    “Today’s education system faces irrelevance unless we bridge the gap between how students live and how they learn.  Schools are struggling to keep pace with the astonishing rate of change in students’ lives outside of schools.  Students will spend their adult lives is a multitasking, multifaceted, technology-driven, diverse, vibrant world – and they must arrive equipped to do so.”  21st Century Skills Organization