As children move through development stages, there are many essential life skills that need to be learned.  It is crucial for children to learn important facts about themselves, their school, and their community to stay safe and knowledgeable.  This takes time and practice.

    Here is a list of important SAFETY information children should know:

    Full Name 

    Home Address (including city, state, and zip code)

    Birthday (MM/DD/YYYY) 

    Parent(s) Full Name(s)

    Mother’s Full Name

    Father’s Full Name

    Mother's Phone Number

    Father’s Phone Number 

    Emergency Contact Name (who do I call if I can’t reach a parent?)

    Emergency Contact Phone Number (including area code)

    Medical Issues  

    Bus Driver’s Name and Bus Number 

    How and When to Dial 911 

    Having a cell phone does not necessarily keep a child safe.  If your child was lost or separated and their cell phone was not working, would he/she know what information to communicate to get help? 

    Greensboro Elementary will recognize all our SAFE students during our first awards assembly in October.  Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade who have their safety information memorized will receive an award.  Students will also receive weekly test grades for this information.