• Teacher Certification

    To provide clear, consistent, and accurate information to applicants/certificate holders regarding the certification rules, procedures, and process.


    All Hale County Public Schools teachers, school administrators and certified directors are required by the Alabama State Department of Education to hold an appropriate certificate for the field, subject, grade level, or assignment. The HCBOE establishes regulations and procedures to evaluate the credentials of prospective teachers, as well as other professional employees in the schools, to ensure they meet specified preparation standards and requirements.



    The state of Alabama mandates that professional teaching certificates be renewed every five years.  As a professional educator certified by Alabama State Department of Education, it is the educator’s responsibility to prevent renewable certificate(s) from expiring by meeting all continuation requirements during the valid period of the certificate.  The application and fee to continue a certification must be received in the Teacher Certification Section of the Office of Teaching and Learning by June 30 of the year of expiration.


    All certification renewals and conversions of certificates are handled by the Certification Officer.

     General duties include:

     ·         Assist teachers who seek re-certification or endorsements.

     ·         Evaluate transcripts of graduates and potentials applicants who seek certification.

     ·         Maintain certification forms and keep faculty updated on relevant changes to certification.

     ·         Coordinates teacher certification compliances by understanding, maintaining and monitoring certification updates and changes

     ·         Review all application before hiring.



    Paraprofessional Certification Information


    Applicants for a paraprofessional position must have a secondary high school diploma or recognized equivalent, two years of college or an associate degree.  If you do not have the requisite hours, documentation that you have passed the required WorkKey state assessment is required.

     Alternative Programs


    The state of Alabama allows alternatives to the traditional undergraduate college route for training teachers. This program offers college graduates who are not education majors the opportunity to be fully trained and certified while they begin their careers as full-time teachers. Full professional certification will be awarded by the Alabama State Department of Education upon completion of the programs. Please visit www.alsde.edu for additional information.



    For additional information, contact: 


    Brenda Bester, Certification Officer 

    Email: bbester@halek12.org 

    Phone: 334-624-8836, ext. 2275