• Curriculum

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    The Hale County School System (HCS) implements curricula designed to promote the success of all students. Using both system-wide and school-wide programs, HCS addresses the various academic needs of the students in the district while also ensuring that students leave the system adequately prepared to thrive in a globally diverse society.



    HCS employs over 300 teachers, aides, curriculum specialists, and instructional coaches. These professionals are highly skilled and trained to deliver effectively the curricula to the students served in the system. The use of research-based instructional methods assures that learning goals are attained across the system. In particular, strategic teaching and differentiated instruction are used extensively. Both of these methods have been proven to garner significantly positive academic gains. 




    HCS uses assessment to determine the efficacy of the curriculum and instruction of the system. Assessment reveals program strengths and weaknesses, and offers guidance and focus to the academic efforts of the schools. Assessment also serves as an accountability measure for each school and the system as a whole.