• Professional Development Training

    Professional Development Training

                   Annual required training mandated by the Alabama State Department of Education   


     Makes Sense Strategies

    The MSS software contains a comprehensive set of highly-effective, user-friendly, researchbased instructional tools and routines. MSS integrates principles of universal design, strategic instruction, differentiated instruction, standards-based instruction, and the use of writing, content area subjects (i.e., literature, science, math, social studies), and behavior/social literacy to all students. Developed by Dr. Ellis at the University of Alabama, the strategies are designed for use in diverse-ability classrooms and reflect an extensive body of evidencedbased scientific research on pedagogy. The content for the new Makes Sense Strategies can be accessed from the link below, but only while at school on the local domain. This link will not work from home. You will need to copy and paste in the search or run command line of your computer not your internet browser.

    \\blackwater\Setups\Make Sense Strategies